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Sausalito Currents - August 3, 2012
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Posted Date: 8/3/2012 2:00 PM

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Remote Controlled Cars and High-Tech Hobbies
Come join us for a class like no other.  Choose from slot car tracks to several different remote controlled vehicles for indoor/outdoor use, scale racing track and mountainous obstacle courses.  We’ll have hi-speed racing sedans, stadium trucks and monster trucks for you to have fun with!

Together we’ll create challenging terrain for the powerful rock crawlers and then speed things up with a fast-paced customizable indoor racetrack complete with jumps.  We’ll also have remote controlled flight simulators teaching you how to successfully fly your remote controlled plane and helicopters.  This class will focus on having fun while learning how to operate, maintain and master your remote controlled hobbies.

Ages:  7-10
Date:  August 13-17 (Monday through Friday)
Time:  9:00 am to 12 noon
Place:  Game Room, 420 Litho Street
Instructor:  Play-Well Teknologies

Please make sure that you are registered in advance of the class.


Our Department of Public Works has announced the following construction projects will be taking place in the City:

Sidewalk work on Pine Street
The City’s contractor, Breneman Inc, will commence work to replace the no longer used Pine Street driveway into the Cibo Restaurant site with curb, gutter and sidewalk beginning Tuesday August 7th. It is anticipated that the sidewalk area will be closed during this period. Work is expected to be completed by the end of the day on Friday August 10th.  Shortly thereafter, three new on-street parking spaces will be also be installed placed where the driveway had been.

Pedestrian circulation on Bridgeway is not expected to be affected by the work.  The work is being done, in part, to remove barriers for disabled persons and improve the City’s conformance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Prior to the driveway demolition, the City and Breneman will identify, create and sign temporary pedestrian, wheelchair and sight-impaired persons detours to maintain safety for pedestrians and allow this project to be completed quickly.

Median Work on Bridgeway
Also beginning on August 7th, Breneman Inc. will be begin work to repair a damaged irrigation line serving the landscape median on Bridgeway near Saylor’s Landing at 2007 Bridgeway.  Work will involve excavating into the roadway from the median to a meter location in the sidewalk area.  At least one lane of traffic will remain open in each direction at all times.  Bike lane operation may be impacted temporarily by the work.  Work is expected to be completed on or before August 10th.

Water Main Installation on Cazneau
Beginning on August 6th, Piazza Construction will be installing approximately 500 feet of new water main on Cazneau from Glen Drive to approximately 83 Cazneau.  Piazza is working for Marin Municipal Water District and is authorized by a City Encroachment Permit.  Work is expected to take two weeks.  Due to the narrow roads, closure of road segments may be necessary.  Detour signage will be set up to minimize impacts to non-local traffic.  The contractor will be required to accommodate Emergency Vehicles and coordinate with routine services like trash pick-up.  Residents of properties abutting the work will be provided daily updates on specific impacts to parking an access.  More specific information about the project can be had by contacting Piazza Construction at (707) 876-3410.

Questions or concerns may be directed to City Engineer Todd Teachout via email at or by phone at (415) 289-4111.

Sewer Line Cleaning along Bridgeway from Harbor Drive to Gate 5 Road
The Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District will be completing sewer line cleaning and manhole repair activities along Bridgeway from Harbor Drive to Gate 5 Road starting August 1st and ending August 10th.  During this time, and to support the work, there will be closures of Bridgeway’s easterly northbound lane. Use caution while driving in this area and please remember to “Share the Road”.


Have you RSVP’d for the Fire Department Community Dinner
hosted by Southern Marin Fire
Everyone is cordially invited to a Thank You Sausalito and Meet Southern Marin Fire Event on Saturday, August 25th at Fire Station 1, 333 Johnson Street, from 11:30am to 2:00pm. Please be our guest and celebrate the joining of Sausalito Fire and Southern Marin Fire. Family, friends & supporters are invited to tour Fire Station 1, meet the firefighters, SMFD Board & staff and have a snack at the fire station. RSVP by August 20th by calling 388-8182. Sponsored by the SMFD Public Outreach Committee


A Mobile App for your smart-phone!
The City’s Finance Director is piloting a new mobile app called Sausalito $ & ¢” continuing with the theme, “Sooner or Later It Always Comes Down to Money!”

The app is designed to communicate historic and current financial information by making it available to our citizens in this new smart-phone and tablet economy.  The app can be tested on the web at Or scan the QR Code below. Feedback is appreciated by emailing Charlie at, or use the links in the mobile app to send him an email.

 QR Code for App



Public Meeting to Discuss New Plan Check Procedures

On Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 11am we will hold a meeting to discuss a new concurrent plan check procedure. This new procedure is designed to be more time-efficient for building permit applicants as all plans will be reviewed by the various City divisions concurrently, as opposed to the process in place today, which is linearly. The new procedure is anticipated to be rolled out in September, 2012.

The steps in concurrent process are as follows:

1- Each applicant should initially contact the Permit Technician to determine the number of required sets of drawings to submit. The number of sets will be based upon the scope of work; some projects will require plans for the outside plan checker (CSG), Planning, Engineering and Fire. Others will only require CSG and Engineering. As many as 8 sets of plans may be required if plans are required for Planning, Engineering, Fire, Sewer and Environmental Health.

2- Upon submittal of a building permit application and the required number of plans, the Permit Technician will route a set of plans to each division. Initially, each division will have 10 working days to review the plans and provide comments back to the Permit Technician.

3- The Permit Technician will send the comments to the applicant following the review period.

4- The applicant will provide a response to each comment and revised sets of plans totaling the original number of plans submitted.  The revised plans must notate the changes on the plans with bubbles.  Only the most-recent changes should be bubbled; bubbles must be removed from previous changes.  Appropriate use of bubbles will facilitate the staff’s subsequent review of the plans.

5- Each division will have 5 working days to review the plans and provide comment.

6- If staff has follow-up comments on the revised plans each division will provide their respective comment(s) and subsequent rounds of review will occur as described above in Step 3.

7- If there are no comments on the revised plans each division will have 5 working days to approve the plans.

8- The building permit will then be issued.

Notably, this new concurrent process is more efficient than the process currently in place. Today plans are being reviewed consecutively—they are routed to Planning, and following Planning review, they are sent to Engineering, and so forth. By using the new concurrent process each division has a set amount of time to review their individual set of plans and provide comment at the same time. This provides surety to the applicant as to when comments will be received.

Contact Lilly Schinsing at 415/289-4134 or if you have any questions.

City Council Approves Vacation Rentals

On July 26, 2012, the City Council approved Ordinance 1206, which allows short-term vacation rentals in residential zoning districts subject to a Vacation Rental Permit and Transient Occupancy Tax Certificate from July 26, 2012 through October 15, 2012 and May 15, 2013 through October 15, 2013. 

What is a Vacation Rental Permit?
A Vacation Rental Permit allows the short-term rental of residential properties located in all Residential Zoning Districts for 30-days or less.

How much does a Vacation Rental Permit Cost?
The Vacation Rental Permit application fee is $284 and payable to the City of Sausalito at time of application submittal.

How do I apply for a Vacation Rental Permit?
Fill out the following Vacation Rental Permit application forms:

A. Vacation Rental Permit Application Form;
B. Transient Occupancy Tax Certificate application form;
C. Vacation Rental Performance Standards Agreement.

Forms can be picked up at the Community Development Department or on the City’s website at:

Submit your application forms to the Community Development Department.

A Planner will review your application forms for completeness.  If your application forms are complete then you will receive a Vacation Rental Permit and Transient Occupancy Certificate.

What is a Vacation Rental Permit Performance Standards Agreement?
In order to receive a Vacation Rental Permit, a property owner must agree to follow the     following rules:

1. Only one residence may be rented per parcel.
2. The residence may only be rented once in any period of 7 consecutive days.
3. On-site parking spaces must be available for   parking.  Properties which do not have on-site parking must obtain temporary on-street parking permits in those areas where on-street permit parking is required.  Where parking permits are not required, vehicles are   required to be moved every 72 hours.
4. The property owner must designate a Local Contact Person to answer all inquiries (including complaints from neighbors) regarding the vacation rental. The Local Contact Person must respond to all calls within one-hour.
5. No signs are permitted to be posted on/off site indicating the presence of the vacation rental.
6. The residence must be serviced by the City’s refuse hauler (i.e., Bay Cities Refuse).
7. The property owner must display a notice on the interior of the main entry door which lists all applicable regulations.
8. The property owner must pay Transient Occupancy tax as required by Chapter 3.12 of the Municipal Code.
9. The property must not have any current code enforcement compliance orders or building permit correction notices related to health and safety issues.

Why do I need to pay a Transient Occupancy Tax?
The short-term rental of a residential property is subject to Chapter 3.12 of the Municipal Code.  The City’s regulations require issuance of a Transient Occupancy Certificate and monthly tax payments.  The Transient Occupancy Tax is 12%.

What if I rent my home or a room without a Vacation Rental Permit?
The short-term rental of a property without a Vacation Rental Permit is prohibited. If you rent your home without a Vacation Rental Permit you may be subject to an Administrative Citation and fine. Fines start with $100 for the first violation, $200 for the second violation, and $500 for each additional violation (per Municipal Code Chapter 1.10).  Each day the vacation rental is rented without a Vacation Rental Permit is considered a separate violation.

For more information on Vacation Rental Permits and Transient Occupancy Tax Certificates contact Heidi Burns, Associate Planner, at (415) 289-4135 or via email at


(subject to cancellation)

 Aug 3 6:30 pm  Jazz & Blues by the Bay (Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic)   Gabrielson Park
 Aug 5 10:00 am  Farmers Market  Dunphy Park
 Aug 9  3:30 pm  Storytime with Phil  Council Chambers


Maritime Day at Galilee Harbor  -  Saturday, August 4 – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
It’s a fun day for the whole family with live music, marine flea market, boat rides, boat tours, WIN-A-BOAT raffle.  So come on down and stock up on anchors, and what-not.  You’ll find us at the foot of Napa Street at Bridgeway – all day!  Come on by.


Come and Celebrate Sausalito’s Three Sister Cities!
Join us for a festive evening in celebration of Sausalito’s THREE Sister City relationships with the cities of Sakaide, Japan; Viña del Mar, Chile and Cascais, Portugal! Enjoy tasty food and beverages from each of the countries while learning more about our "3 sisters".  Great raffle prizes, including a Gene Hiller gift certificate and books by Isabel Allende.

The celebration will take place August 11, 2012, from 5-7pm at Sausalito’s Portuguese Social Hall (IDESST), 511 Caledonia St. Tickets are $20/person (no charge for children under 10 accompanied by an adult). Purchase tickets online through the “Buy Tickets” link at . For more info, or to purchase tickets in person, please contact Susan Roe (, Mike Moyle ( or Vasco Morais ( All proceeds from this event to support Sausalito Sister Cities, Inc.


Sausalito Presbyterian Church welcomes your child to learn about nature, recycling, organic gardening, songs, fun and a swim day in our summer camp -- CARING FOR GOD’S GREEN EARTH.

Monday-Friday, Aug. 13 - 17 from 2:30 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Fee for the whole week: $25 (No one will be turned away due to lack of money.)
Space is Limited!   Apply Early!  Call 415-332-3790 ext. 0 or email


The Floating Homes Association needs volunteers for its annual Open Homes Tour September 22.  It’s fun, it’s easy, and if you volunteer for half a day, you get to take the tour for free.  Sixteen amazing waterfront homes will be open, many for the first time.  There’s also an art show, live music and food and refreshments on Kappas Green… and a volunteer party following the event.

All sorts of volunteer positions need to be filled, and experience isn’t necessary.  To find out more, and to sign up, go to and click on “Tour.”  The sooner you sign up, the better your chance of getting the job and shift you want.  So go to and click on “Tour” today.


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