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Sausalito Currents - August 1, 2014
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Posted Date: 8/1/2014 3:30 PM

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Parks and Recreation Kids Classes and Camps
To register phone 415.289.4152

Under The Sea: A 3D Art Adventure
Embark upon an imaginary journey beneath the sea. As we travel deeper below the surface, what will happen to our light source? Will this have an effect on the diversity of sea life? Under the deep blue waters, are things really as they appear, or are there illusions surrounding us?

Join us as we have some fun creating our own unique under the sea art adventure diorama, and learn some mighty interesting facts along the way.

Bring $4 for the instructor as a separately collected Materials Fee to this class.

August 16: Meets 10:30-11:45am in the Game Room at City Hall
Ages 5-8 years



Summer Reading Program: Final Week!

Tuesday, August 5  -  3:30 pm
Muriel Johnson, Story Teller
Captivating stories from around the world. Vivid, funny, and enchanting.

Wednesday, August 6  -  3:30 pm
Make a Portrait Kite! with the Green Art Workshop
We’ll honor our personal heroes by making special portrait kites at this art workshop. Recommended for kids 4-8, but all ages are welcome.

Thursday, August 7  -  11:00 am
Littles with Molly
Join us for stories, songs, finger plays, and fun. We'll read books about birds, clouds, flying, and other topics from the wide blue sky, and do a special activity. For children entering Kindergarten in the fall or younger

Thursday, August 7  -  4:00 pm
SHARE-a-Book with a Dog
Come read aloud to dogs specially trained by the Marin Humane Society. Each child gets a 15 minute session. This program is a fun, low-stress way to practice reading. All kids who can read are welcome

Thursday, August 7  -  4:00 pm
Young Writers Club
Join us for the last day of the Young Writer’s Club. We’ll celebrate! Ages 8-10

Saturday, August 9  -  1:00 - 3:00 pm
End of Summer Party
We’re throwing a party! Join us for an afternoon of live music, face painting, games, and ice cream in Robin Sweeny Park. For the whole family !


Summer Movie Night

The Birds
Thursday, August 7  -  9:30 pm inside the Library
We'll be showing a free movie at the Library every Thursday night in August. Summer Movie Night kicks off with The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 thriller about murderous birds running amok in a small coastal town in Northern California. The film stars Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor. We’ll bring out the popcorn, unfurl the Library’s new 12’ x 9’ screen, and fire up the projector at 9:30pm

The Lady from Shanghai
Thursday, August 14  -  9:30 pm inside the Library
Movie night continues with The Lady from Shanghai, the classic 1947 film noir from director Orson Welles. Rita Hayworth stars opposite Welles as the femme fatale. The film features a famous scene shot on the Bridgeway pier in Old Town Sausalito. We’ll bring out the popcorn, unfurl the Library’s new 12’ x 9’ screen, and fire up the projector at 9:30pm.

It Came from Beneath the Sea
Thursday, August 21  -  9:30 pm inside the Library
Movie night returns with low-budget, sci-fi horror in the form of 1955’s It Came from Beneath the Sea, with special effects by the legendary Ray Harryhausen. In the film, San Francisco is menaced by a giant octopus that has been driven from its usual habitat by nuclear tests in the South Pacific. We’ll bring out the popcorn, unfurl the Library’s new 12’ x 9’ screen, and fire up the projector at 9:30pm.

Dr. Strangelove
Thursday, August 28    9:30 pm inside the Library
Summer movie night comes to an end with a tip of the hat to longtime Sausalito resident Sterling Hayden, who stars as the unhinged, communist-hating General Jack D. Ripper in Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 black comedy, Dr. Strangelove. Peter Sellers (who plays three roles), George C. Scott, and Slim Pickens join Hayden in a memorable cast. We’ll bring out the popcorn, unfurl the Library’s new 12’ x 9’ screen, and fire up the projector at 9:30pm.

Like talking about books with others?
We are seeking enthusiastic volunteer facilitators for two of our book discussion groups:

Contemporary Classics: a discussion of modern works of literary fiction that are destined to be household favorites. Currently meets the second Tuesday evening of each month in the Friends Bookstore (2nd Floor of City Hall) from 7-8:00pm

Book Club for Men: By popular demand, we would like to offer the guys an alternative forum for discussing books with themes of relevant interest. Possible topics to include: sports, history, travel/adventure, biography, health/well-being, financial etc. Date and time negotiable, to be held in meeting space within City Hall.

For more information, please contact Augie Webb at 415-289-4121, X501 or



 please take note of this important message from the Marin County Parks Department reporting on incidents near Blithedale Summit Open Space Preserve

 Man Allegedly Misrepresenting Himself as Open Space Ranger

Visitors to the Blithedale Summit Open Space Preserve above Mill Valley and Corte Madera are cautioned to be watchful for a non-uniformed man misrepresenting himself as a Marin County Open Space District ranger.

Two incidents have been reported on or near Blithedale Summit Fire Road within the past month. The man is alleged to have provided incorrect information to visitors walking dogs regarding the Open Space District’s rules pertaining to dogs. In one incident, he is alleged to have kicked a dog and taken photographs of the visitors, both women, with his cell phone.
The man is described as white, in his 40s, 5-foot-10 to 6 feet tall, with short salt-and-pepper hair, and very fit. He said his name was Dave Stevenson and that he worked for “the department.” At the time of the incidents, he was wearing black and silver bicycling clothing and possessed a black mountain bike.

The man is not employed by or associated with Marin County Parks or the Marin County Open Space District. While on duty in open space preserves, rangers are always in uniform.

Marin County Parks is investigating the incidents. Others who may have interacted with a man matching that description, or who may have witnessed similar interactions, are urged to contact Marin County Parks at 415-473-2816.  

(subject to cancellation)


Aug 5
 3:30 pm
 Children's Library Event - Muriel Johnson, Story Teller
 see above
Aug 6
3:30 pm
 Children's Library Event - Make a Portrait Kite!  see above
Aug 7
11:00 am
 Littles with Molly
 Council Chambers
Aug 7
4:00 pm
 Children's Library Event - Share A Book with a Dog
 see above
Aug 7
4:00 pm
 Young Writers Club
 (see above)
Aug 9
1:00 pm  Children's Library Event - End of Summer Party  (see above)




SAUSALITO VILLAGE - Save the Date for a special Pole Walking Training Class - August 20

Sausalito Village will feature a special Pole Walking training class led by Jayah Faye Paley, at the Edgewater Room, Sausalito City Hall, 420 Litho Street, Sausalito, on Wednesday August 20, 11:30 to 2:30 P.M.. This training session will include personalized pole fitting and terrain practice as well as gait and balance exercises catered to the needs of a limited-size group. The class is open to the community and is offered at a special Sausalito Village rate of $27. Contact Sharon Seymour at 331-1362 or to reserve a place.

AYAH FAYE PALEY, fitness and wellness educator, presents hiking, walking and fitness seminars for national and state park associations and health related organizations around the country.Jayah, an AFAA & ACE-certified Personal Trainer, is the creator of the only comprehensive educational media on how to use poles, which includes two award-winning DVD's.

For over 15 years, she has trained people of all ages, abilities and physical conditions (such as Parkinson's, MS, arthritis, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, etc.) as well as athletes, trainers and physical therapists to use poles to achieve, regain and maintain mobility for hiking and walking. She has authored and delivers courses which provide continuing education credits for personal trainers.


The Sausalito Portuguese Hall has created a new self-guided walking tour through Sausalito, Marin City and the Headlands featuring 33 locations that have a connection to Sausalito's long Portuguese-American history (did you know that the Hall is older than the city itself?). The Hall has also prepared a 92-page Guidebook which can be found on the "History" page on the Hall's website: It can be downloaded there for free. The Hall has also arranged with Joanne's Printing to provide high quality 2-sided spiral bound copies for those who would prefer them ($30 for a color copy and $14 for a black and white copy). The Hall expects to continue to expand and improve the Guidebook. Any questions or suggestions may be directed to the Hall's History Committee at


The 2014 Sausalito Art Festival American Icon Art Competition invites artists of every caliber throughout the world, to express their vision of America using their mobile device.

The competition requires you to photograph an image that represents your individual idea of what an American icon is. Is your vision a ’65 Mustang Convertible or the Golden Gate Bridge? Is it Steve Jobs or Mount Rushmore? Is it Beyonce, a buffalo on the range, or a NYC fireman? What is your American Icon?

The competition gives artists of all levels the unique platform to express their vision of America. It is up to the artist to choose an image(s) that in their minds is iconic of America based on their personal experiences, upbringing and beliefs. There’s only one caveat: your American Icon image must be captured on a mobile device.Which means almost everyone in the world, professional, amateur, student,or social networking mavens can participate. It’s that simple.

The mission of the Sausalito Art Festival’s American Icon Art Competition is to foster through art, the personal expression of iconic American imagery, from people of all artistic skill levels and backgrounds. It’s an opportunity for all artists, both professional and amateur to be part of the prestigious Sausalito Art Festival.

There are two ways to enter:
• If you think you have a creative winning image, you may enter the competition for $9.99 for the first image and $0.99each for up to 2 additional images and compete for cash awards and deserved recognition. Whether you are a professional or amateur, you will be part of the digital American Icon exhibit at the Sausalito Art Festival. Simply submit your image at

The images entered into the official competition will be judged by an esteemed panel of artists and other professionals for creative, thought provoking, contemporary and historical significance, as well as artistic and creative merit.

• Just want to share your iconic images and inspirations? Share them via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #MyAmericanIcon and be part of the “People’s Pick” competition; get the most ”likes”and win a VIP festival experience. Or, we encourage you to visit to upload your images for the People’s Pick Contest.

Winning images will also earn a coveted place in the innovative American Icon multi-media, digital exhibition at the Sausalito Art Festival, Labor Day Weekend, August 30-September 1. Winners will also be awarded a VIP Festival experience and swag bag. Winners will be announced in mid-August.

There are a few guidelines (major manipulation of images is not allowed) but for more information, competition guidelines and to submit images, go to

About the Exhibition and Competition
Inaugurated as part of the 60th anniversary of the Sausalito Art Festival in 2012, the competition was conceived as a way to welcome artists of all skill levels to exhibit at the festival, unrestricted by geography and focusing on a different theme every year that celebrates one of the world’s most recognized icons. Last year, that icon was the American Flag; in 2012 it was the Golden Gate Bridge.

Every work of art submitted to the American Icon Art Competition will be included in the presentation video at the SAF as well as on the American Icon website,, enabling those who cannot attend the Sausalito Art Festival and American Art Icon Exhibition to see all of the images.

The exhibition will be on display in a dedicated exhibit venue on the festival site at Marinship Park along the Sausalito waterfront, presented on a large-format screen as a high-definition video with a special dedicated sound score. The entire American Icon show – from digital submissions to digital exhibit, makes the competition very global and very green; there is no shipping, no travel, no fossil fuel expended.



From your Age Friendly Task Force

This Month’s Tip  -  Home Sharing - Readily Available Affordable Senior Housing

The Age-Friendly Sausalito questionnaire revealed that over one third of residents 55 and older who responded to the survey, live alone. Most were homeowners. When you think about it, there are a lot of empty bedrooms in Sausalito - affordable housing readily available!

We recently posted an article on the Age-Friendly Sausalito Facebook about home sharing, specifically older women moving in together for companionship, security and financial freedom - a la Golden Girls.
Click here for the link:

Home Sharing is simply renting a room in your home or apartment in exchange for rent or service exchange. The benefits can be more than just financial, sharing can provide companionship, security and assistance.

In Marin County, Episcopal Senior Homes runs a free referral and support service specifically for seniors who are looking to home share. The service provides third party assistance in finding a house mate by:
1. Providing personal interviews and needs assessments
2. Facilitating potential matches
3. Providing criminal background checks
4. Creating a shared housing agreement
5. Conflict resolution when needed

To learn more about the program, phone Leslie Klor at 415-456-9062, ext. 132 or email The program Leslie runs was recently highlighted on Savvy Seniors Cable Television show:

Here is another recent news stories on home sharing that aired on CBS News:

Contact information for Age-Friendly Sausalito: or leave a message at 415-754-9944.