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Calendar Review
Business Advisory Committee Meeting - SPECIAL MEETING

Thursday, December 5, 2013
8:30 a.m.
City Council Conference Room
City Hall at 420 Litho Street

The Business Advisory Committee may, at its discretion, consider agenda items out of the order in which they are listed. The public may comment on any item on the agenda that has not previously been subject to public comment. To give everyone an opportunity to be heard and to ensure the presentation of different points of view, the Committee requests that members of the audience who speak: 1) Always address the Chair; 2) State his or her name and address; 3) State views succinctly, and; 4) Limit comments to three minutes.

1. Call To Order 
    Chair – Adam Krivatsy (Council Appointee) Jeff Scharosch (Chamber Rep.) 
    Vacant (Council Appointee) Cheryl Popp (Chamber Rep.) 
    Vacant (Council Appointee) Joseph Lemon (Chamber Rep.) 
    John Cox (BAC Appointee) Vacant (BAC Appointee) 
    Vacant (BAC Appointee) 
    Tom Theodores (City Council Liaison) 
    Ray Withy (City Council Liaison)

2. Public Comment on Items Not on Agenda

3. Approval of Minutes – October 17, 2013

4. Chair’s Report

5. Review & Update of the MSP Update Process 
    a. Progress Report by Council Liaisons 
    b. Q&A

6. Revised Charter for the BAC 
    a. Presentation by Staff 
    b. Q&A and Discussion

7. Membership on the BAC 
    a. Membership Subcommittee’s Report and Recommendations 
        - Chamber Selections (3) 
        - BAC Preferences (3) 
        - Council Preferences (3) 
    b. Committee Member Lemon’s Future Participation 
    c. Q&A and Discussion 
    d. Agree upon Preferred Candidates 
    e. Input to the City Council’s Appointment Process

8. Meeting Calendar for Year 2014

9. BAC Communications

10. Adjourn-next meeting TBD

How to obtain Business Advisory Committee Agendas
Agendas are posted at least 72 hours prior to the meeting at the entrance to City Hall, 420 Litho Street.
Agendas are also available at the Administration Department at City Hall.

Special Needs
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (28 C.F.R. 35.102-35.104, ADA Title 11), if you need
special assistance to participate in a Business Advisory Committee meeting, please call 289-4165. Notification 48
hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this