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Sausalito Public Library
Adult Programs for Fall 2014
For more information about Sausalito Library programs please call (415) 289-4121. 

To see a list of upcoming Children's Programs, please click here.

 speaker headshot Sausalito Library Speaker Series
Begin Here: Helping Survivors Manage After a Death
Tuesday, September 16
2:00pm in the Council Chambers

If you have recently experienced the passing of a parent, spouse, close relative or friend, you may know the daunting experience of trying to help put their personal affairs in order. Most people who find themselves in that position are surprised by the vast number of things to do and start by asking 'Where do I begin?'

Author Kat Reed's suite of free online tools and an accompanying user friendly book Begin Here will answer this question and provide the basis of her discussion. She will share simple yet concrete steps to guide survivors through the seemingly overwhelming practical yet necessary tasks that remain after a death, from residential to financial to personal. She bases her material on her own experiences after her mother's death and her tireless subsequent research. You can find out more information at:

 Larry Clinton Sausalito People
Larry Clinton: The History of the Marinship District of Sausalito
Friday, September 19
7:00pm inside the Library

Not only the entire Marinship district's land mass, but its roads, infrastructure and industrial buildings were constructed in 1942 for the war effort. Once online, Ninety-three Liberty Ships were constructed in two years. After the war the district became fertile ground for thinkers, artists, writers and musicians. A thirty-two-year resident of Sausalito's floating home community, Larry Clinton is a direct beneficiary of the waterfront lifestyle that grew out of the Marinship development. As past president of the Floating Homes Association, he is particularly interested in the history (as well as the future) of Sausalito's waterfront. Larry is also past president of the Sausalito Historical Society. His illustrated talk will be based on research that was conducted for the Society's permanent Marinship exhibit at the Bay Model.

 logo Sausalito Library Community Event
Zero Waste Marin Tips to Reduce Household Waste
Hosted by City of Sausalito Green Team and the Sausalito Library
Thursday, September 25
2:00pm in the Council Chambers

Zero Waste Marin is a countywide program whose goal is to reduce waste and
help our environment. In addition to providing household hazardous waste
collection and information on recycling and disposal, the program also works
with the City of Sausalito and Bay Cities Refuse to educate residents in
Marin on easy household tips that can help save money. The presentation will
answer questions about how to correctly dispose of compostable and
recyclable items, what to do with hazardous waste, and how to avoid and
reduce household and food waste, among other things.

You can find additional information about the Zero Waste Marin program by
visiting our website at

 Bill Palmini Sausalito People
Bill Palmini: A Rookie Cop vs. the West Coast Mafia
Friday, September 26
7:00pm inside the Library

As a rookie detective for the Sausalito Police Department, Bill Palmini sought to take down the West Coast Mafia by gaining the confidence of notorious mob operative William Floyd Ettleman. Co-authored by Tanya Chalupa, Bill’s new book, A Rookie Cop vs. the West Coast Mafia, immerses readers in the subculture of free love, drugs, robbery and murder orchestrated by organized crime in locations like Sausalito. In his talk, Bill will provide an overview of the case, which began with a late night heist at the Trident Restaurant. Bill will also reminisce about his days on the Sausalito Police force in the 1970s. Bill currently serves as Chief of the Department of Public Safety at UC Hastings College of Law.

 Victoria Colella Sausalito People
A Tour of Sausalito’s Wooden Boats with Victoria Colella
Friday, October 3
7:00pm inside the Library

Local author, artist, sign maker, and tour guide Victoria Colella will take us on a multimedia tour of the wooden boats of Sausalito, based on the new edition of her book, Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour: A Three Mile Stroll with Historic Footnotes. The virtual tour will take us from Sausalito’s historic houseboat communities, to art studios, to classic sailing and motor yachts, to the anchor-out community. Colella’s Butterflute Studios, which serves as headquarters for the Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour and Valhalla Signworks, is located in the heart of the historic Marinship District next to the shipways where the Liberty ships were built in WWII.

 Macbeth Met Opera Discussion Group
Macbeth by Verdi
Tuesday, October 7
7:00pm in the Edgewater Room

At each meeting, host Tom Wilhite offers an engaging preview of an upcoming Metropolitan Opera performance, including background on the composer and opera and commentary on audio and video selections from past performances. Meetings take place on the Tuesday before the Saturday morning Live in HD simulcast — screened locally at Sausalito’s CinéArts theater. All are welcome! No advance registration required!

 speaker headshot Sausalito Library Speaker Series
How to Be Your Own Financial Advisor
NEW DATE: Thursday, October 9
7:00pm in the Council Chambers

Think fast: What is 3x2x7x52x20x5? Answer: $218,400 or simply today's cost of 3 x $5 meals a day for 2 people for 20 years of retirement. Are you ready? What is your financial plan for good AND bad times? No matter where are you are in life, planning and executing your own financial game plan is a critical step for you and your family. Join us to better understand the building blocks and simple tools you can use to minimize financial stress in your life.

Wade Pitts is the Managing Director of Fort Point Capital, a boutique wealth advisor serving HNW individuals and families focused on balancing portfolio returns, risk, and tax efficiency. He sits on the boards of the NorCal Financial Planning Association Conference, Bay Area Financial Education Foundation, and Cornell NorCal Alumni Association.

 Robert Timineri Sausalito People
Chang Chang Chang: a Celebration of Elephants with Robert Timineri
Friday, October 10
7:00pm inside the Library

Sausalito resident Robert Timineri returns to the Sausalito Library with a follow up to his program, "Crows: Smarter Than Required," one of the most popular speaker series events ever held at the Library. Of his new program, Robert writes, "I only discovered why I went to Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai in Thailand after I arrived. In my talk, I’ll share that revelation and more through a discussion of the natural history of elephants, the intersection of human and elephant culture, and my experience at Elephant Nature Park. I invite you to share your experience with elephants anywhere in the world at There you can describe your 'ele' contact and become part of the show, if you wish."

 Bill Broder Sausalito People
Bill Broder: Two Russian Bicycles
Friday, October 17
7:00pm inside the Library

In his talk, local author Bill Broder will present a brief summary of his writing: works in fiction, a memoir, and a professional freelance career. He will then read from his new work, Two Russian Bicycles, which consists of two curiously related novellas prophetic of the future course of Russian and world history. "Tolstoy's Wife" and "The Sphinx of Kiev," both based on historical fact, reveal how the small battles of the hearth, friendship, and love shape history and underlie the effort to remain human in times bedeviled by a brutal destiny. Bill’s talk will be followed by a Russian Tea with borscht, piroshki, and caviar.

 Duet Sausalito Library Speaker Series
Duet: A Poet and a Photographer in a Conversation of Words and Images
Thursday, October 23
7:00pm in the Council Chambers
Sponsored by Sausalito Village and the Friends of the Library

Join us to hear CB Follett and Ginna Fleming present poetry and photography from their new book, Duet: A Conversation of Words and Images.

Sausalito resident CB Follett is a former Marin County Poet Laureate and the winner of the 2001 National Poetry Book Award. Ginna Fleming is a prize-winning social documentary photographer. Together they have created a beautiful pairing of words and images in this stunning full color book.

 Carmen Met Opera Discussion Group
Carmen by Bizet
Tuesday, October 28
7:00pm in the Edgewater Room

At each meeting, host Tom Wilhite offers an engaging preview of an upcoming Metropolitan Opera performance, including background on the composer and opera and commentary on audio and video selections from past performances. Meetings take place on the Tuesday before the Saturday morning Live in HD simulcast — screened locally at Sausalito’s CinéArts theater. All are welcome! No advance registration required!

 Franco Sausalito Library Speaker Series
Spanish Cinema under Francisco Franco, 1936-1939
Tuesday, November 18
7:00pm in the Edgewater Room

Many have viewed the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) as a prelude to World War II. As Spain suffered civil unrest after losing its King, labor strikes across the country exacerbated poverty and instability. The power vacuum in Spain resulted in Francisco Franco seeking a political alliance with Germany and Italy. This was further complicated by Russia, which sought to counter Franco's Nationalist Party by supporting the democratic Republican forces.

Despite being used as Franco's political vehicle largely in newsreels, Spanish Cinema continued under censorship. A new metaphorical language in literature and film emerged to depict that which could not be explicitly stated. Clips from Carlos Saura’s “La Caza” [the Hunt”]1965, “Cría Cuervos” [Raise Crows]1975, demonstrate pervasive mistrust and brutality in Spanish society during Franco years. Upon the death of the dictator in 1975, the “lid was removed from the boiling pot” of Spanish society.

Presenter Candy Naughton holds a BS in Spanish Literature from Juniata College, and an MA from San Francisco State University. A pivotal experience for her was living and working in Spain, during the Franco regime. “Spanish Cinema under Francisco Franco” is an area of lifelong interest.

 book cover Sausalito Library Speaker Series
Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails
Three key concepts and four critical skills for living a joyful, satisfying,
and meaningful life

NEW DATE & LOCATION:  Thursday, November 20
7:00pm in the Edgewater Room

For many, happiness can seem like an elusive mirage: apparently filling our lives with joy and contentment in one moment, only to slip through our fingers the next. As a result, many find themselves in the constant pursuit of happiness.

In this interactive, enlightening, and lighthearted talk, De Anza College & John F. Kennedy University professor Javy W. Galindo explains how happiness need not be pursued, but chosen. Based on his graduate course on the psychology of happiness, professor Galindo shares seven insights from his new book “Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails” on how to choose happiness and why it is often a difficult choice to make.

A Few Key Concepts: The happiness equation; positive psychology; flow experiences and satisfaction; the hedonic treadmill; the power of unconscious programming; pleasure vs. joy; dealing with negative thinking (the negativity bias); authenticity and meaningful living.

mansion room Winter 2014/2015 Museum Docent Series
Houghton Hall: Portrait of an English Country House
Tuesday, December 9
2:00pm in the Council Chambers
Sponsored by the Friends of the Sausalito Library

Marsha Holm, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco docent
To coincide with Legion of Honor exhibit:
Houghton Hall: Portrait of an English Country House
October 18, 2014 – January 18, 2015

Discover the history and elegance of Houghton Hall, one of England’s grandest country houses, built in the 1720s by Sir Robert Walpole (1676–1745), Britain’s first prime minister. Constructed in the Palladian style by architects James Gibbs and Colen Campbell and decorated by the influential designer William Kent, it has survived through the centuries in a remarkably well-preserved state.

This exhibition captures an intimate look inside Houghton Hall amid a re-creation of some of its spectacular interiors. Rarely-exhibited treasures and exquisite furniture that has been passed down through the centuries evoke the sophistication of aristocratic entertainment in the 18th century.

 Meistersinger Met Opera Discussion Group
Die Meistersinger by Wagner
Tuesday, December 9
7:00pm in the Edgewater Room
Guest speaker Jerry Zientara

Join us for an engaging preview of the upcoming Metropolitan Opera performance of Die Meistersinger, including background on the composer and opera and commentary on audio and video selections from past performances. Meetings take place on the Tuesday before the Saturday morning Live in HD simulcast — screened locally at Sausalito’s CinéArts theater. All are welcome! No advance registration required!


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