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Your new Sausalito “Commuter Parking SmartCard” is now available !!!

Whether you commute to San Francisco via the ferry or bus, the City of Sausalito offers low cost parking for commuters for the cost of $4.00 per day when you park using your Sausalito Commuter SmartCard !!! The card is designed with commuters in mind !!!

Your “SmartCard” allows Commuters - as well as Merchants and Downtown Employees - to park in Lot #3 (across from the Casa Madrona & Poggio’s) or Lot #4 (behind Taste of Rome restaurant) for the price of $4.00 per day.

To receive your new Commuter Parking SmartCard, please come by the parking office located at 29 Caledonia St. Bring a picture ID and your vehicle registration. We will also require a completed and signed application, if you have not already completed one. Please email Elliott Holt at for more information.

Each “Commuter Parking SmartCard” is a “stored value” card: A customer pre-pays for parking at the police station. The pre-paid amount is then transferred to the chip on the customer’s SmartCard, where that “value” is stored.

The new SmartCards work in coordination with the solar-powered pay stations. A person parks their vehicle, inserts their SmartCard into any pay station and then enters their space number into the system using the machine’s keypad. They then confirm the information on the screen, at which point $4.00 is deducted from the balance on the SmartCard and a receipt is printed.

Every time the SmartCard is used, $4.00 is deducted from the value on the chip. When the value runs low, the customer simply returns to the police station to have more value placed on their card.

NEW !!!!! We now accept "Commuter Checks" !!!!!
You can now pay for your commuter parking using pre-tax dollars !
Ask your employer about enrolling in this money saving program !

Please note that Commuter/Employee Parking is allowed 7 days a week.

And to get you to where you're going on time, here are a couple of useful links where you can obtain schedule information for the ferry and bus services serving Sausalito:

Golden Gate Ferry Service

Golden Gate Bus Transit

Blue & Gold Ferry Service

Last updated: 6/12/2014 4:48:51 PM