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Terms Expiring on the Various City Boards and Commissions During 2014

Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Sausalito encourages residents to apply for positions on City Boards, Commissions and Committees that will have vacancies in 2014.  At the end of each year, the City publishes a list of expiring appointed terms for the coming year, names of incumbents, and the dates of their appointment.

Following is a complete list of vacancies for 2014. To apply for one, or more, of these vacancies, contact the City Clerk’s Office.

        Member                     Original Date of Appointment                         Term Expires

Arts Commission 

        (To be re-established in 2014)                                                           (2 and 3 year terms)

Length of Term: 3 years                                                          Meets: On a monthly basis
Requirements: Must be a resident of Sausalito; members should have an interest in art and promotion of local artists, with training a practice desirable.
Purpose: The purpose of the Commission is to advise the City Council on promotion of the arts in Sausalito. The Commission has been involved in an active program of presenting shows of works by local artists that are displayed in the City Council Chambers. 

Business Advisory Committee
No current Council-appointed vacancies

Length of Term:  3 years

Purpose: The Business Advisory Committee is charged with the responsibility for periodically evaluating the economy of the City and identifying actions to promote the economic health of the business commmunity, as well as other duties requested by the City Council or considered advisable by the BAC and approved by the City Council.

Board of Library Trustees 
        John Walsham                                    9/10*                                    July, 2014
        Myra Berkowitz                                    2/09*                                     July, 2014

Length of Term: 3 years                                                           Meets: On a monthly basis
Requirements: Must be a resident of Sausalito
Purpose: The purpose of the Board is to establish policies and oversee operations of the Sausalito Public Library.

Citizen’s Advisory Review Board on Police Matters 

        Dan Rheiner                                           6/10                                     June, 2011 
        Karin Williams                                        10/10                                  June, 2012
        (pre-existing vacancy)                                                                               
        (pre-existing vacancy)
        (pre-existing vacancy)

Length of Term: 2 years                                                           Meets: On a quarterly basis
Requirements: Must be a resident of Sausalito having basic understanding of police policies and practices; members are encouraged to complete the Citizens Police Academy
Purpose: The purpose of the Board is to enhance citizen understanding of the process of submitting, processing and responding to citizen complaints regarding police officers; to add a citizen perspective in developing or revising police policies or practices perceived to infringe on civil liberties and civil rights; and to recommend alternatives for investigating complaints alledged to infringe upon civil liberties and civil rights.

Disaster Committee 

        Dave King                                             10/09                                 May, 2011
        Bonnie MacGregor                              10/09                                 May, 2011
        Thomas Perazzo                                  10/09                                May, 2012
        (pre-existing vacancy)                                                                   May, 2012
        (pre-existing vacancy)

Length of Term: 2 years                                                          Meets: On an as needed basis
Requirements: Must be a resident of Sausalito
Purpose: The purpose of the Committee is to review and recommend changes to the City's Disaster Plan; provide recommendations to the City Council on disaster preparedness programs; and encourage public education and participation in disaster preparedness activities.

Historic Landmarks Board 

    Morgan S. Pierce                                       4/09*                                      July, 2014 
    Carolyn Kiernat                                          7/10                                       July, 2014

Length of Term: 2 years                                   Meets: On a monthly basis, or as needed
Requirements: Must be a resident of Sausalito; it is desirable for members to have training, experience, or a demonstrated interest in historic preservation (licensed architects are encouraged to apply).
Purpose: The purpose of this Board is to review applications for exterior renovation of historic or noteworthy structures, historic sites and landmarks located throughout Sausalito. This Board also promotes preservation of historic sites, landmarks, documents, paintings and objects associated with the history of Sausalito; recommends to the Planning Commission that certain historic sites, landmarks and districts be designated and/or acquired by the City; advises the City Council on the acceptance of donations and/or acquisitions of items with historic value to the City; advises the City Council on matters relating to the historic and cultural preservation of the City.  (Since the City has qualified for CLG status, new regulations for this board must be taken into consideration: “Commissions must have as minimum of five members with all members having a demonstrated interest, competence or knowledge of historic preservation. Commission members shall be appointed from among professionals in the disciplines of architecture, history, architectural history, planning, archeology, or other historic preservation-related disciplines, such as urban planning, American studies, American civilization, cultural geography, or cultural anthropology, to the extent that such professionals are available in the community. Commission membership shall also include lay members who have demonstrated special interest, competence, experience, or knowledge in historic preservation, American studies, cultural anthropology, cultural geography, or other historic preservation-related disciplines”).

Parks and Recreation Commission 

Length of Term
: 3 years                                 Meets: On the third Wednesday of the month
Requirements: Must be a resident of Sausalito
Purpose: The role of the Commission is to make recommendations to and advise the City Council in all matters of policy pertaining to the creation, operation, maintenance, management and control of all parks, playgrounds, community recreation programs and activities.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Commission
         (there are no vacancies in 2014)

Length of Term: 3 years            Meets:  on the first Monday of the month
Requirements:  Must be a resident of Sausalito
Purpose:  The role of this committee is to provide recommendations to the City Council for revisions to the City of Sausalito Bicycle Master Plan.  They are also tasked with reviewing and making recommendations to the City Council on a variety of bicycle and pedestrian issues.

Planning Commission 

        Stafford Keegin                         9/08*                                     May, 2014 
        Joan Cox                                    9/08*                                     May, 2014 
        Bill Werner                                 9/10*                                     May, 2014

Length of Term: 3 years         Meets: On the second and fourth Wednesday of the month
Requirements: Must be a resident of Sausalito
Purpose: The role of the Planning Commission is to review applications for various land use entitlements and design review as set forth in planning and zoning laws of the city and the state. In addition, the Commission serves in an advisory capacity for the Historic Landmarks Board. Commissioners may not serve on any other appointed City board or committee, except for those positions specified by the City ordinances.

Sausalito Sustainability Commission 

        Sue Currier                                              6/06*                               February, 2012  
         Martha DiSario                                    12/09*                                February, 2014
Length of Term: 3 years                                              Meets: Second Thursday each month.
Requirements: Must be a resident of Sausalito or business person within the community.
Purpose: The purpose of this Commission is to promote the city-wide recycling program, explore ways to increase recycling participation by both residential and commercial community members, and promote the monthly household pickup of "green waste".

Tree Committee                                                                                 
        Betsy Elliot                                    4/10*                                January, 2014
        Ellen Rosenstein                        11/12                                January, 2014

Length of Term: 3 years                                                   Meets: On an as-needed basis
Requirements: Must be a resident of Sausalito; it is desirable that at least one member of this Committee be a landscape architect.
Purpose: The purpose of this Committee is to consider applications regarding tree issues. The Committee also encourages and promotes the planting and proper husbandry of trees throughout the city and encourages the maintenance of trees that unduly diminish desirable views as well as the planting and maintenance of certain species.

Underground Committee 

        (pre-existing vacancy)                                                                 January, 2011 
        (pre-existing vacancy)                                                                 January, 2011 
        (pre-existing vacancy)                                                                 January, 2012
        Dan Passini                                        9/09                                  January, 2012

Length of Term: 3 years                                                      Meets: On an as-needed basis
Requirements: Must be a resident of Sausalito
Purpose: The purpose of this Committee is to consider applications for variance from the City regulations which require underground placement of electrical, communication and cable television facilities, as a result of application for building permits. The Committee also provides advice and assistance to the City Council and residents as necessary to facilitate removal of utility poles and overhead wires and replacement of them with underground facilities pursuant to the Sausalito Municipal Code.

* term limits may apply 
                                                                                                                    Signed: Debbie Pagliaro, City Clerk 
                                                                                                                    Posted: December, 2013 

An application may be obtained by clicking on the link to the left.  Applications are accepted for any Board or Commission year-round and are kept on file for ONE year.

Your interest in serving our community through service on a board is greatly appreciated.

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